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Redneck Gun BeltYou might be a tactical redneck if…

What separates a normal redneck from a tactical redneck? There are a lot of rednecks in this country, and most of us own guns. Some of us are more tactical than others. The question really is, where is the line that gets crossed that makes you, a tactical redneck. Well…

You might be a tactical redneck if…


Your 5.11 pants covered in oil stains

All of your ammo cans say Folgers

All of the 5 rings on your targets say Budweiser

Your carry belt has an over-sized belt buckle

Your carry gun has a Mossy Oak paint job

The camouflage paint job on your guns came out of a spray paint can

Your primary hunting rifle is an AR

The paint job on your carry gun matches your hunting clothes and your truck

Your coffee table is set up as an armorer’s bench

You use a tackle box to sort your spare gun parts

Your first weapons light was a MagLite duck tape the barrel of your rifle

You know what a cut shell is

You have actually used a cut shell

You have use demilled rounds as blanks

All of your everyday carry gear came from Wal-Mart

You bought your first “evil black rifle” at Wal-Mart

The only difference in the clothes you wear at home and the clothes you wear at work is the cammo pattern

Your unit designated you as the translator for anyone with a deep southern or cajun accent

The only reason you hate you job is because you have to shave so that you can get a seal on your gas mask


Obviously this isn’t an all inclusive list, and you don’t have to meet all of these to be a tactical redneck. But, it is a good indication.