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I started out in preparedness like most preppers, a Go Bag, with a bunch of ammo, 3 Bic lighters, a ferrocerium rod and a flint steel. The whole time thinking, I’m prepared for whatever; while in all actuality, I wasn’t prepared for anything more than going to the range or starting a campfire.

I went through most of the development and growing pains that many preppers eventually go through. And over time, I realized that, the Iranians launching an EMP, or the Chinese invading the US was highly unlikely. But losing a job, a hurricane that takes out the power in 3 states, the ice storm that leaves everyone stranded in their houses, well, it’s not just possible, those are things that have all happened to me before. And in those particular situations, my “Go Bag” was virtually useless.

That was the point when I really started changing the way that I thought, started focusing on the things that are most likely to affect me. Needless to say, the way I prepared started to change dramatically, and well, it started to resemble a lot more of the way my grandparents and their parents lived. Maybe they were on to something.

In the madness that has been my life lately, I knew in the back of my brain that I needed to reevaluate what I was doing, but it wasn’t until I started listening to an interview on the Survival Podcast, featuring Nicole Sauce from, that I stopped and realized, how much I needed to reevaluate everything. From my finances to the way I structured my day, it all could be adjusted to make me more productive in what I’m am trying to do in life. In the course of discussing things with Nicole since that interview, I have become aware of certain principles that have led me to where I am today. In light of these principles, it was time to evaluate and redesign my life once again.

So if I had to say, here are the guiding principles that led me to where I am today… We’ll start here.

1. You are an individual, act like it

Don’t model your life or anything you do off of someone that’s not you. Imitation and chasing the Jones’s almost always leads to misery and failure.

2. Less thinking/talking, more doing

This one is pretty simple, everybody knows that guy that always says, “when, fill in the blank, I’m gonna…” Just go do it.

3. Care for yourself, your family and others

This one is pretty obvious. Your priority should always be to take care of yourself, your family and those around you. And why those around? Karma is a thing, though it might look more like, you help somebody in a bind, then later in life, they return the favor.

4. Develop a community of people

Develop a community of people around you. These are the people that will make that good suggestion, loan you that hundred bucks, tell you you’re about to make a bad decision and just keep you on track with what you need to be doing.

5. Ethics, AKA don’t be a dick

Acting, in everything you do, with an ethical perspective. This one is as simple as, you act like a dick, people will treat you like a dick. The best people to be around when things go wrong, are ethical people. And having a set of ethics, will attract ethical people.

6. Responsible Practices

People tend to think that the trash they throw out the widow of their vehicle or the oil they dump down the drain, doesn’t affect them. And they are also the people that wonder why the county just raised their taxes to pay for the extra litter crews, or why they keep having to get their septic tank pumped out. Treat everything around you well, and everything around you will treat you well.

7. Financial Freedom

When you are in debt or living paycheck to paycheck, you work to pay/service the debt and just to pay the bills. With financial freedom, you don’t worry about checking the bank account when the water heater goes out or an opportunity to buy a $500 custom made chef’s knife comes out of nowhere. Without it your worry, stress, and lesser preparedness will shorten your life.

8. If you’re are prepared for today, next week’s problems won’t affect you near as badly.

Another simple one. If you’re prepared to be stuck at work for today and tomorrow, when a hurricane rolls through next week and you have to evacuate you’re ready. Relocating to the office and being unable to go home for two days, ain’t much different.

9. Make your assets work for you

Whether it is your money, your yard or your car, identify a way to make it productive. Turning your car into a profit stream with Uber, using your skills to start a YouTube channel, renting out the guest cabin, hosting workshops and teaching, what you have can help you get what you don’t.

10. Anticipate the future and adapt to it, don’t resist it

Clinging to the old way of doing things has never held back the new way of doing things. But those clinging to the past have found themselves left uneducated and unprepared for the the future. Everybody knows somebody, who can barely work a cell phone or send an email.

11. Decisions should be a balance of logic and emotions

Decisions based on pure emotion, almost always end badly. Decisions should be planned and calculated with facts and logical analysis, then checked with emotion to ensure that it is a sound decision.

So what could you possibly expect to achieve by applying these principles to your life?

Well I have come to see that I started applying these principles to my life years ago, long before I ever realized that they were a thing. I can sit back now and see the ways that my life has changed since then. From the food that I eat, to the people I spend the most time with, what I spend my money on and most of all, I can see a change in the things I value. I am no longer concerned with what the man on the TV has to say, or what JoeBob555 posted on Facebook. Rather, I concern myself with the thoughts and advice from the people that have the same ethics and goals as myself, that I now find myself surrounded by. This has lead me to doing more of the things I want to do and enjoy.

Case in point, you just read a blog post, on a web site I started after I started applying these principles to my life…

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