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5 Weapons For The End Of The World


The question was recently put to me, what 5 weapons would you take if the world ended. Although this is a thought process that I have engaged in before, common calibers, replacement parts, conversion kits, exc… I realized that I have never actually sat down and made a list.

Well needless to say, it didn’t take too long to put one together.



AR15 2AR15

The AR15 has proven its self to be a reliable, effective and versatile weapons system for the better part of 6 decades. It is light weight, ergonomic, it has very little corrosion and rust issues and here in the US, the guns themselves as well as the ammo, replacement parts and accessories are readily available.

Now the AR15 was never designed to be a short barreled rifle, so if you cut your barrel length, you also cut your range and ballistics as well. Which is why I if this is the only long gun I’m going to have, I prefer to have an 18” barrel. Running the longer barrel is going to ensure you get a full powder burn, which in turn will ensure maximize the range and ballistics of the rifle as much as possible.

Then of course, if you’re only going to carry one lone gun, you may as well maximize its potential even further by carrying a 22LR conversion kit. By carrying an extra bolt, a couple of extra mags and some 22LR ammo, you can not only greatly improve upon the versatility of the weapon but also greatly increase the amount of ammo you can carry.

Glock 17 2Glock 17

For a pistol, there are two very clear facts that play into this choice. No one can argue the fact that 9mm is one of the most common pistol calibers on the planet, which makes it a clear caliber choice for an end of the world gun.

Then as much as I love my M&Ps, you cannot get around the fact that Glock is one of the most commonly used pistols around the world as well. Then you look at the fact that the Glocks and 9mm are both easy to find here in the US, along with the fact that Glocks are like Jeeps, you can’t open up a web browser without finding 10 companies that make aftermarket parts for em. All of that considered, the day the world ends, I’m grabbing a Glock 17


KnifeFixed Blade Knife

Now when it comes to a knife, there are certain things that fixed blade will do that even the best of folders won’t. Now I’ve never been one to argue Ford vs Chevy, and I’m not inclined to do so when it comes to knives either. As long as you’re using a good blade that going to hold an edge and not break on you, any good 4 to 6” blade will work.



For me, this one was a tough choice between a hatchet and a machete. Both will work very well as a fighting weapon. But what this one really boils down to for me, is outside of the use as a weapon, the hatchet is generally for more versatile as a tool. I don’t think much else need be said on this one. The choice is as simple as the tool itself.


Halligan BarHalligan Bar

Halligan Bars are used by firefighters, law enforcement and even the military as an entry tool.
As an entry tool, they are made of good quality metal. That means you can sharpen the prying ends down to make an edge and then sharpen the spike down into a nice armor piercing point. Throw in the fact that the back side makes a nice hammer and well, you’ve pretty much turned it into a medieval war hammer.

Obviously, like a hatchet, in addition to uses as a weapon, you also get intended uses of the bar as well. Which in an end of the world scenario, most of the buildings, gates, vehicles, exc, are likely to by locked and possibly even barricaded, a Halligan Bar would be a handy thing to have.