The Tactical Redneck, Chris Kahler

Nomenclature: Owner, Operator, CEO And Imperial Redneck President
Classification: Redneck, Tactical
Manufacture Date: 8 MAR 1983
Manufacture Location: Florence Ms
Miscellaneous: Deemed as a triple threat, a Redneck, a Marine and a Sailor

The Tactical Redneck grew up on the outskirts of Hattiesburg Ms. He always preferred to be outside and in the woods. At 18, he enlisted in the USMC and had that coveted EGA branded on his soul standing on a parade field at MCRD San Diego. After 4 years of playing with guns, high explosives and HMMWVs in the 3rd Assault Amphibious Battalion (a battalion of floating tanks, cause this is America and we can) he returned home to MS and continued working for the military as a civilian. Then of course the desire to travel began to arise once again, so he joined the Coast Guard as a mechanic.

Over the years, The Tactical Redneck was involved in a wide range of operations from, invading foreign countries, overthrowing dictators, counter narcotics, migrant interdiction, maritime search and rescue and aids to navigation.

The Tactical Redneck has always been of the mindset, if you can’t find it, build it, if it breaks, make a better one and when it come to the impossible… Well they said man would never fly, yet somehow, an American Flag ended up on the moon. He took those principles and started Tactical Redneck Equipment. Where this goes from here, only God and a very tactical redneck knows…
E-mail: Chris(no space)
Phone: (717) 978-0466 (Google Voice)