Unicorn Cavalry Care And Qualification Procedures

UnicornUnicorn Cavalry Care And Qualification Procedures


The following is what happens when you force military mechanics to do paperwork… Those responsible have no one to blame but themselves. As for everybody else, enjoy.


01 JAN 16



From:   Santa Clause

US Air Force, Commanding


To:       Air Force Cavalry Personnel




Ref:    (a) Air Force Cavalry Operations Manual

(b) Unicorn Service And Maintenance Manual


  1. IAW Ref (a) all permanent cavalry unit members are authorized to conduct cavalry operations while attached to the USAF 101st Unicorn Cavalry Battalion for the Unicorn types noted. All members will complete the appropriate PQS and maintain no less than 25 daytime and 10 nighttime flight hours per quarter. Additionally, these members will be issued all appropriate gear IAW Ref (b) and conduct no less than 5 training Jousting and 3 training Lemon Drop Bombing runs per quarter. This qualification will expire upon PCS transfer from the 101st UCB or upon failure to complete all required Quarterly Currencies.
  2. IAW Ref (b) During the selection process, members shall ensure that all Unicorn candidates meet the minimum height, weight, wing span and horn length requirements, as well as meeting the Tactical Pink Coloration or Rainbow Stripe Camouflage Patter as prescribed in the AF Colors and Coatings Manual. Members are also required to complete the daily hug and grooming checks on their Unicorns once the Unicorn has passed the selection process. Additionally all members are required to maintain their Unicorns Aft Rainbow Chaff Missile Defense System.